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Gabrielle Dupont

"A true painting of a mountain is a more or less imperfect record of what transpires in the soul of the person behind the retina"Lawren Harris, member of the Group of Seven

Acrylic painting by Gabrielle Dupont
Gabrielle Dupont

Gabrielle Dupont

Originally from Châteauguay, a quiet suburb south of Montréal, Gabrielle has been living in the Canadian North since 2007.Growing up in the early 90's, she quickly learned an efficient
remedy to boredom: drawing and then painting.
Her love of drawing led her to pursue a career in architecture, where lines and forms follow well structured paths. Not so on the canvas where the pressure of the straight line is released. Painting has proven to be her most comfortable vehicle for rendering her inner vision to outer reality.Nowadays, she splits her time between her off-grid cabin at beautiful Marsh Lake and her cozy home in Whitehorse, Y.T. creating artworks inspired by the vibrant colours and landscapes of the Canadian North.“After visiting wild places and secret spots, I try to convey what I saw and felt. After all, we are only experiences and perception.”

It's all about choices

Why use different styles and different mediums?It's said the way we think about the world is influenced by the language we use to talk about it. The two are interwined.In the same vein, the choice of medium influences what we are trying to say. Acrylic, oil, watercolour: each conveys different rhythms, atmospheres and moods. I paint with different mediums to convey different things.I love you or je t'aime ?

Watercolour painting by Gabrielle Dupont


Acrylic and gouache on canvas is my medium of choice. I prefer this medium for large paintings and to experiment with new concepts and styles.


Oil is old-fashioned and warm and bold. Butterknife is a tool I use with this type of painting. Many oil paintings were made with a butterknife...sans butter.


Lightness of a feather. With watercolour the gentleness of the sunlight meets the harsh mountain contours without a splash.






Rossland, B.C.

New prints and cards

June 05, 2024

Missing my art cards from YAAW ? Well, here they are ! In addition to these popular art cards, I added a new section for prints.
Yes, as of now a very limited amount of prints are available for "Nice Day to Fly". This is one of my most popular art card, the prints won't last long ! Message me directly under the Contact section to get your print or card.

Rossland, B.C.

Spring news

April 09, 2024

Phewww, already a year has passed since joining the YAAW gallery in downtown Whitehorse. It was an exciting year to have my work displayed on their walls and my art cards made available to the public. Thank you to everyone who supported the gallery. As of April 1st, I am no longer a member of YAAW, having decided to explore other paths with my art making. Big plans are being crafted, I am so excited with what is coming, which will be shared in future blog posts. Stay tuned !

Rossland, B.C.

After the show

February 16, 2024

Another piece in another show. This time in the Escher Show at YAAW gallery. Come check out my piece "Spring Bloom" in the group show celebrating the iconic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher. Spring Bloom is available to purchase at the gallery. For more info about the show, go read this !

Rossland, B.C.

Yukon Arts Centre

December 14, 2023

The Re-Collecting exhibit is On !
I am proud to share this photo of one of my piece
- A Quiet Evening - that made its way in the show.
A Quiet Evening is still available to purchase through the YAAW gallery

Rossland, B.C.

New work coming at the gallery

October 22, 2023

I am finally back in the north, back home ! It was a very full summer in southern B.C. followed by a true bicycle adventure in Utah . Come check my new work at the YAAW gallery. New work inspired of course by these foreign landscapes and atmospheres.

Rossland, B.C.

Little part of me

October 20, 2023

No money this month for full-on original artwork ?
Get a print card instead !
Pick your favorite out of my diverse selection of art cards available at
Yukon Artists At Work on 4th Ave.
downtown Whitehorse, Y.T.
Great for birthdays or simply to send a
"wish you were here" to your special person.

Rossland, B.C.

Time away

July 14, 2023

I did it ! Spending the summer away. I am in the quaint little town of Rossland in British Columbia for most of summer 2023. And of course, I have been painting and will be sharing my new work with you. Unlike me, if you find yourself in Whitehorse, please visit the Yukon Artists At Work gallery to see my work there and also the work of many more talented Yukon artists.
Happy summer !

Acrylic painting by Gabrielle Dupont

Exciting News

March 21, 2023

Starting April 1st 2023, I will be a member of the Yukon Artists @ Work co-op gallery, here in Whitehorse. Looking forward to this new adventure. Come say Hi and check out my new work at the gallery.

Acrylic painting by Gabrielle Dupont

Sometimes all you need is a few yogurt containers

December 10, 2022

Painting materials don't have to be expensive. Here, I am re-using yogurt container lids as palette. It works.

Painting Poppies

February 6, 2022

This was at the end of October 2021, painting poppies on storefront windows for Remembrance Day in Whitehorse, Y.T.Thanks to Jocylyn McDowell and Mel McFayden for the pics.

Gabrielle Dupont

Art can be anywhere with anything

February 16, 2022

Gabrielle Dupont
Acrylic painting by Gabrielle Dupont

This was more than five years ago

February 16, 2022

Spring 2017, "Sandpiper Claim at Dusk" was featured on the NorthwesTel phone book cover, Yukon edition. The painting is now part of the NortwesTel corporate art collection.

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